A Numbers’ Game

When Madison was first diagnosed and really throughout her treatment it has been, in my mind most often, a numbers’ game.  Chances of contracting the illness, percentage of survival rate, blood counts, white cell counts, temperature and pulse and centimeter measurements of tumors.  But the measurement…the number I am most interested in is “lives touched.”  Unfortunately there is not blood test that can tell this…no amount of poking or prodding will determine the number…no litmus paper to dip into liquid and determine how many lives Madison has and continues to touch.  Can it be measured…the people who began to pray?  Can it be measured those who returned to their Faith?  Can it be measured…lives changed, blessings counted, moments when selfish lives turned selfless and Christ’s command to “love thy neighbor” was put into practice?

No one will ever know the exact number…but I can be confident that it is higher than any devastating number concerning her illness.  The rippling effect of the lives she touches continues to fan out, going further and growing faster than any disease.  It truly is a “good infection.”  I hazard a guess that it will someday reach a million hearts.

And surely those results are not black numbers on white paper readouts…being scanned over in cold fluorescent-lit rooms.  No, the results of this test will be read in brilliant sunlight, God’s light and not recorded on paper but on the faces and hearts of all who have been touched by her spirit.

I look forward to watching Madison grow-up…body and spirit… and continue to inspire for years and years and years and years to come.


                                        Written by:        Kathy Wollensak

                                                               Dear Friend of the Farhat-Tomaszewski Family

Dear Madison and Mr. and Mrs. FT,                                  November 19, 2000

Hi. This is Danielle Russ and I am writing to you because in Bible class, we are learning about standing stones.  Standing stones are monuments that people in ancient Israel used to commemorate an important event.  People would put them out in places where others could see them and then, everyone who saw them would want to know what happened.  Our assignment was to write a letter to someone who was a standing stone in our life.  In other words, someone who, when we see them we are reminded of God’s work in our lives.  And I immediately thought of you.

Whenever I see or think of you, Madison, I am reminded of God’s miracles.  You are truly one of His precious miracles.  He showed me His awesome power through you and your family.  So many people were praying for you when you were going through everything and God answered those prayers.  You are such an inspiration and I admire you and your family’s courage to keep on fighting.  God gave you the strength to overcome all of your obstacles because you and many other people had faith in Him and knew that He would make everything all right.  If there is ever a time that I think God can’t get me through something or heal someone, I am reminded of what He has done in your lives. You all are so brave and courageous and I admire your strong faith in God.

Faith is based on memories of great things that God has done in people’s lives and I think that Madison is a great example of what having faith can achieve.  Thank you for being a standing stone in my life and helping me to have a stronger faith in God’s master plan.

                                                            With love –

                                                            Danielle Russ, age 14, a friend of the F. T. Family 

Dear Family and Friends:                                                November 8, 2000

We thank our heavenly Father for giving us this miracle.  He has revealed to us His glory and power through the healing of precious Madison. Many of you have faithfully prayed for 15 months…  God has once again, heard and answered us.  We also thank Him for providing our entire family with the grace to endure our trial.  As promised in His word, it was in direct proportion to our need.

We rejoice with you and give God  -  our ultimate Healer – the glory for our MIRACLE!  We thank Him, the giver of all good gifts for placing an incredible medical team in our path and providing them with wisdom and discernment… for producing the technology, for guiding the surgeon’s hands and for creating the protocol for hepatoblastoma.  All of these are gifts from God.  We ask Him to bless abundantly – all those who, in some fashion, touched Madison’s life in a positive way… the doctors, nurses and thousands of family members and friends from around the globe who were faithful to us in prayer. 

We sincerely thank all who have contributed to Madison’s recovery.  We ask that you please continue as His word instructs, to pray without ceasing… We must continue to lift Madison up in prayer… for her continued good health.

                                                            With love and gratitude,

                                                            Steve, Kathy, Mikayla, Ashley and Madison