Update After 3rd Round of Chemotherapy

October 16, 1999

Madison continues to respond to chemotherapy!!!!

AFP Progress

Madisonís AFP numbers have decreased from 832,240 to 26,915 ng/ml. The goal is less than 10 ng/ml. Click on the chart below to see her AFP Progress full size.

slide.jpg (111721 bytes)

Heart Progress

The tumor on the right atrium of the heart has decreased from 3.28 cm in July of 1999 to 0.954 cm as of October 8, 1999.

Liver Progress

The mass on the liver is shrinking steadily. Awaiting report on size reduction.

Lung Progress

The lung tumors are shrinking very noticeably. Originally, it was thought that there were 6-12 tumors per lung and that lung surgery would definitely be required. After this round of chemo, it appears that some tumors on the lungs have disappeared and that this may be manageable by chemotherapy without surgery

IVC Progress

For the first time the IVC was identified and it appears that some blood may be making its way through the vein.

Blood Work

Madison has had her lowest blood counts yet. Her white blood count (WBC) is related to her ANC which is the part of the WBC that fights infections. Her ANC dropped to 27. Anything below 1,000 you start to take precautions to avoid high risk areas. And anything below 500 you are required to stay out of public places and wear a mask around other people. Madison received two blood transfusions, because her hemoglobin counts dropped to 6.6. Since the transfusions her hemoglobin has risen to 11.0.

As of October 15, 1999 her ANC increased to 840.